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Kids Savings Club

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Teach your child the importance of saving with New Frontier Bank's Kids Savings Club.

  • Open a new checking account and we’ll open a Little Rancher's Savings Account for your child with a $10 donation from New Frontier Bank
  • Requires no average daily balance
  • Variable interest paid on principal balance, interest calculated daily, compounded and credited monthly
  • Limit of six preauthorized transfers each month.  Withdrawals or transfers to another account owned by you in our bank made by mail, messenger, ATM, or in person are not subject to these limitations.  (Excessive withdrawals - $10.00 each)
  • No ATM card will be issued
  • Your child earns Pony Bucks with each deposit they make
  • Upon the child’s 18th birthday, the account will convert to a Regular Savings account and will be subject to the terms of that account.
  • Refer to Minor Savings Account for details.