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Commercial Loans

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Lending Solutions for Commercial Real Estate, Equipment and Lines of Credit

The financial needs of your business differ from the needs of the business right next to yours, the one down the street, and your competitor across town. That is why New Frontier Bank offers many different types of business loans. Our commercial lending staff makes their recommendations based off a conversation with you to determine your needs. This allows them to tailor a business loan for your unique financial situation.

Business Real Estate Loans and Commercial Mortgages

Looking for somewhere for your new business to live or expand into? You’re going to need a realtor and additional financing. New Frontier Bank can help with the financial side of that equation with business real estate loans and commercial mortgages.

Business real estate and commercial mortgages from New Frontier Bank include financing for:

  • Land development and construction
  • Residential neighborhood development
  • Office buildings
  • Industrial and manufacturing buildings
  • Retail shopping centers and structures
  • Multi-Family (apartment/condo) complexes
  • Senior living facilities
  • Storage units
  • Warehouses
  • Churches
  • Farmland

Equipment & Vehicle Loans

From industrial-sized printers to computers and servers, the equipment your business uses can cost a pretty penny. Equipment and vehicle loans from New Frontier Bank can give you the competitive edge you need to be productive and profitable in your industry.

Lines of Credit

If your business’ cash flow experiences valleys and peaks throughout the year, a line of credit from New Frontier Bank is a great solution. With our business line of credit, you can be sure your cash flow is consistent and you can make the purchases you need even during slow times of the month or year.

Contact a New Frontier Bank Lender to Get Started

To start the conversation about your business lending needs, call or come by the New Frontier Bank nearest you. You can also download, print and fill out this personal financial statement to take a big step toward getting the financing your business needs.